Experts Say Australian Sugar Intake Alarming

Sugar Nutritional Info and NewsOver half of all Australians consume more than the maximum recommended daily intake of added sugars, research from the University of Sydney stated. Experts have labelled the revelation as alarming.

The study was published in The British Journal of Nutrition.

Children and adolescents exhibited the worst eating behaviour, with 76 per cent of children aged 9 to 13 exceeded the guidelines for daily sugar intake. We shouldn’t be consuming more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

The biggest culprits are sugar sweetened beverages were revealed as the greatest source of added sugar in the nation’s diet.

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Australian Teens at Risk due to Sugar Consumption

junkfoodMost Australians are exceeding the World Health Organisation’s (WHO)’s recommended daily intake of added sugars, according to research.

It also shows that 76 per cent of teenagers are exceeding the guidelines for daily sugar intake.

The research was conducted by Sydney University and published in the British Journal of Nutrition found children and adolescents at a particularly high risk.


High Fructose Corn Syrup is Not Less Healthy than Sugar

high fructose corn syrupAlthough we’ve heard high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is less healthy than sugar, according to the folks at it isn’t.

High fructose corn syrup is a blend of glucose and fructose where both molecules float in solution rather than binding together.

It’s cheap to produce and sweeter than sucrose so its commonly used in a lot of foods. But don’t be fooled into thinking sugar is healthier, the experts say this is a myth.

The study shows that the metabolic response by the body, in reference to mostly leptin and insulin, appears to be the same between sucrose and HFCS then both sugars are given in similar oral doses.


Surprising Amount of Sugar in Processed Foods

junkfoodA surprisingly large amount of the ultra-processed foods consumed by Americans is loaded with sugar.

A new study has found that this may contribute to serious health issues like type 2 diabetes.

Sixty per cent of the calories consumed by Americans comes from the added sugars they eat.

The recommended daily amount of added sugars is just 10 per cent of a person’s daily calorie intake, however 80 per cent of Americans are apparently exceeding this.


Healthy Snacks for Construction Workers

Construction as an industry is notorious for fostering poor health habits, and snacks and meals while on-site is one of the major culprits!

We came across a post recently that discussed healthier options for construction workers including:construction worker on roof

  1. choose healthy but convenient snack foods
  2. packing plenty of protein
  3. consuming whole grains for sustained energy
  4. drink plenty of water

We would add that its important to avoid high sugar, refined snack products that have very high glycaemic index (or more correctly, Glycaemic Load), and particularly to avoid drinking Coke and other soft drinks that are extremely high in refined sugar and do little to properly hydrate your body.

Here’s the article we came across on construction workers lunches.