How Much Sugar Are We Really Consuming


Figures from the ABS reveal that Australians are consuming more sugar than ever before, despite the onslaught  of messages about the risks of a high sugar diet.

And it seems the problem is even worse in teenagers.

There is now specific dietary data that details exactly where these sugars in our diet are originating and the situation is not surprising. Soft drinks and fruit juice are 2 of the main culprits.

The World Health Organisation has recommended our sugar consumption only make up 5 per cent of our total daily calorie intake, that equals around 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

According to statistics teenage males are consuming the most sugar in Australia.

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Anti-Smoking Drug May Help Combat Sugar Addictions

Sugar Nutritional Info and NewsResearchers from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, and SRI International in California have found that anti-smoking drugs may actually be useful in combating sugar cravings.

The study conducted on rats found that Champix (Varenicline) which is used to help people stop smoking could also help combat cravings for sugary food and drinks.

The drug works because it targets the “reward pathways” of the brain, areas responding to stimuli. These can range from illegal drugs to gambling, to sugary foods.  Source:

Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet in Just 21 Days

Sugar word cloud concept
Sugar word cloud concept

We all know by now that too much sugar can lead to high cholesterol, high blood sugar and lead to greater risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease so removing sugar from your diet is the first step of taking control of your diet and your health.

It is useful to identify the harmful sugars which are artificially made and those that are naturally occurring so that you can cut out the bad ones.

Fibre and antioxidants can be found in naturally occurring sugars so they are better for your health.

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Australian Teens at Risk due to Sugar Consumption

junkfoodMost Australians are exceeding the World Health Organisation’s (WHO)’s recommended daily intake of added sugars, according to research.

It also shows that 76 per cent of teenagers are exceeding the guidelines for daily sugar intake.

The research was conducted by Sydney University and published in the British Journal of Nutrition found children and adolescents at a particularly high risk.


Drink More Water to Reduce Body’s Sugar Intake

sugar waterAround two thirds of our bodies are made up of water so it seems obvious that consuming water is important for our health but a new study has shown that increasing the consumption of plain water can help control weight and reduce intake of sodium, saturated fat and sugar.

The study by Professor Ruopeng An from the University of Illinois was published recently in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

The study provided a case for drinking plain water rather than other water based beverages such as broths and food containing water.

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