It May Surprise You But These Foods are Packed With Sugar

Sugar word cloud concept
Sugar word cloud concept

If you’ve made the decision to cut your sugar intake, recognising the risks of too much sugar in your diet, it may surprise you to learn about a number of foods which you probably didn’t even know where bad for you. Sweets and cakes aren’t the only foods loaded with sugar, there are some foods disguised as “healthy” that actually have a pretty high sugar content.

The main culprits are

  1. Sauces such as BBQ, marinara, tomato sauce and salad dressing: between -22 grams per serving
  2. Peanut butter:  4 grams per two tablespoon serving
  3. Packaged cereals:  Some “healthier” varieties contain 18 grams of sugar per serving
  4. Oatmeal:  Flavoured versions can contain 12 grams of sugar per serving
  5. Flavoured yogurt: Up to 18 grams of sugar per serving—more than a serving of ice cream.




WHO to Endorse Sugar Tax

Sugar word cloud concept
Sugar word cloud concept

The World Health Organisation is planning to endorse an international report calling for a sugar tax.

Despite calls from experts and advisors, many governments are hesitant to introduce such a tax.

The debate is raging in many countries, New Zealand being one  of them where attempts to have high sugar content drinks and food taxed have been repeatedly shut down by the government.

The country apparently has the 4th highest rate of childhood obesity, however the government says there is no evidence to support this theory.

The bottomline is that cutting or reducing sugar intake is important for your health and we shouldn’t wait until a tax is introduced to adjust our diets accordingly.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup is Not Less Healthy than Sugar

high fructose corn syrupAlthough we’ve heard high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is less healthy than sugar, according to the folks at it isn’t.

High fructose corn syrup is a blend of glucose and fructose where both molecules float in solution rather than binding together.

It’s cheap to produce and sweeter than sucrose so its commonly used in a lot of foods. But don’t be fooled into thinking sugar is healthier, the experts say this is a myth.

The study shows that the metabolic response by the body, in reference to mostly leptin and insulin, appears to be the same between sucrose and HFCS then both sugars are given in similar oral doses.


Surprising Amount of Sugar in Processed Foods

junkfoodA surprisingly large amount of the ultra-processed foods consumed by Americans is loaded with sugar.

A new study has found that this may contribute to serious health issues like type 2 diabetes.

Sixty per cent of the calories consumed by Americans comes from the added sugars they eat.

The recommended daily amount of added sugars is just 10 per cent of a person’s daily calorie intake, however 80 per cent of Americans are apparently exceeding this.


Sugar May Impact the Body The Same Way As Stress and Abuse


Sugary drinks could be more damaging to our health than previously thought, according to a new study which links cola and lemonade to brain damage.

The study conducted on rats showed changes to the region of the brain that controls emotional behaviour and cognitive function. In fact the damage was more extensive than those caused by extreme early life stress, researchers say.

Adverse early life experiences such as extreme stress or abuse increase the risk of poor mental health and psychiatric disorders later in life, researchers say. 

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