Do You Really Know How Much Sugar You’re Eating

fdaIn The United States Michelle Obama on behalf of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has introduced new nutrition labels that include calorie counts in oversize lettering.

Labels also include a line detailing the quantity of added sugars contained in packaged foods.

This is a significant development given that it has been proven that cane and beet sugars that added to foods are causing many diseases from obesity to heart disease and diabetes.

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Sugar Addiction Similar to Narcotics Abuse

junkfoodWe consume sugar on a daily basis, it’s in almost everything we eat yet we may actually be doing our bodies harm with the amount of sugar we put in advertently.

A shocking new study found eating sugar is similar to taking various drugs, according to researchers at Queensland University of  Technology.

The researchers discovered the awful effects of sugar on the brain, even causing changes in behaviour, similarly to the way drugs affect the behaviour of drug addicts.

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Diabetes Expert Calls for Australia Sugar Tax

junkfoodA leading diabetes expert says Australia should consider a sugar tax, similarly to The UK.

Professor Stephen Colagiuri says implementation of the sugar tax is one way the Government could tackle the problem.

The professor is the only Australian contributor to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) inaugural global report on Diabetes.

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Experts Say Australian Sugar Intake Alarming

Sugar Nutritional Info and NewsOver half of all Australians consume more than the maximum recommended daily intake of added sugars, research from the University of Sydney stated. Experts have labelled the revelation as alarming.

The study was published in The British Journal of Nutrition.

Children and adolescents exhibited the worst eating behaviour, with 76 per cent of children aged 9 to 13 exceeded the guidelines for daily sugar intake. We shouldn’t be consuming more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

The biggest culprits are sugar sweetened beverages were revealed as the greatest source of added sugar in the nation’s diet.

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