Sugar Tax Could be Life Saving

sugarSince the UK introduced their soft drinks sugar levy, there’s been a lot of talk about doing the same here in Australia.

According to researchers a 20 per cent tax on sugar-sweetened drinks could save more than 1600 lives. It could also raise $400 million a year for health initiatives.

The study, jointly undertaken by the Obesity Policy Coalition and the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health is the first to show impact of a sugary drinks tax.

In the first 25 years of the introduction of the sugary drinks tax, there could be 16,000 less cases of type 2 diabetes and 4400 fewer cases of heart disease. The number of stroke cases would also decline, by an estimated 1000 cases.  Read more: 

Diabetes Expert Calls for Australia Sugar Tax

junkfoodA leading diabetes expert says Australia should consider a sugar tax, similarly to The UK.

Professor Stephen Colagiuri says implementation of the sugar tax is one way the Government could tackle the problem.

The professor is the only Australian contributor to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) inaugural global report on Diabetes.

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